Handheld Innovative Hair Straightener Comb with LCD Temperature Display

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1. All shells are made out of high-temperature-resistance engineering plastic from America, such as PET/PPS/PAEE.
2. Electric main-borads adopt CCC Criteria, a type of European EML authentication.
3. Compared with the traditional hair straightener, this product has its overwhelming advantages. For instance, a 5 to 10 times faster speed, simpler and quicker operation, and easier for individuals to take care of hair.
4. Compared with the traditional hair straightener, this product won’t hurt your hair easily. The reason is that traditional ones straighten your hair by pulling and pressing it from both sides to rapidly absorb moisture from hair; however, when using this product, there will be a less moisture loss from hair in combing process.
5. This product has a famous design structure, novel appearance, and it is safe and practical.

Usage Instructions
1. Keep the hair clean and neatly combed
2. Use the plug into the appropriate socket keep electricity well
3. First switched on the set temperature, such as heated to the desired temperature
4. During use, only one hand is required to catch your hair, and then the hair straightener is used to comb hair through
5. If you exercise straightener more lasting effect, it must meet styling hair lotions and softeners
6. Please do not put too much hair, if put more, in the control process it will slow down the speed, the effect is obvious
7. This product is provided with the one-hour-off function, so please start it up when you use it once more

1. Don’t use this product in bathtub and pool, otherwise it will easily cause damage.
2. Please check product integrity before using, if any damage please don’t use.
3. Please check wire integrity before using, if any damage please don’t use.
4. Don’t randomly place this product to avoid children to use.
5. Please wait until cooling when pack up this product.
For thick hair – High temperature (200-220 °)
For Medium Hair – Medium temperature (170-190 °)
For thin hair – Low temperature (140-160 °)

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